5 Days To Get Back To Working Out

A free email series to hack your behavior to help you get back to the gym by the end of the week.


Alright, let's be frank here. Working out is not always fun or easy.

But somewhere in your mind, you really do want to work out. You know that exercise has a ton of health benefits, and you want to get back in shape.

So why can't you bring yourself to actually do it?

This email series is designed to teach you important (but simple!) techniques to prepare you to get back into a workout routine in only 5 days.

In 1 quick email a day, you'll learn how to:

  • Leverage the power of pre-commitment to help you follow through

  • Use social accountability to set yourself up for success

  • Lower the barriers to exercise

  • Harness willpower to make it easier to work out

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- Ben Rubin, Co-founder and CEO of Change Collective