A community dedicated to transforming change.

Our Mission

Certain changes have the power to transform our lives. But the tools we have to make them are broken. Where should we begin? Whose advice should we follow? How can we stick with them? We’re more connected and better informed than ever, but we’re still falling short of achieving our goals and reaching our full potential.

Our mission is to give people the tools to succeed with change. We are building a course platform that helps people make changes that matter with the help of world-class experts.

We believe strongly that guidance and accountability are the key ingredients of change. We created Change Collective to blend them together; to create a community dedicated to transforming change.

Our Team


Ben Rubin

Co-Founder & CEO

I'm a change junkie with a Jekyll and Hyde complex. When the Captain decides there's no stopping me. Then the Claw gets out and it's non-stop freedom! I previously started and ran technology for Zeo, a pioneer in quantified self that helped sleep.


Derek Haswell

Co-Founder & Head of Product

I've been a product generalist my whole life, overly fascinated by the intersection of behavior, tech, and a great story. With a bad ankle injury (almost!) in the rearview mirror, I'm back to the basics of working exercise back into my everyday life. I'm joined on this crazy adventure by my wife, Tess, and a big blue dog we call Remy.


Joel Oliveira

Lead Developer

I am a developer, formerly of thoughtbot, the 47th and several other Boston agencies. I'm happy and fortunate that my hobby is my profession and my profession is my hobby. I love writing software! Lately, when not buried in vim coding, I'm relaxing with my wife Sara and our two english bulldogs or tweeting too much.


Jim Forrest

Creative Director

I'm a designer, musician, artist, and educator. I've spent the last 20 years designing conscious products that help us learn and transform whilst releasing albums, creating art, and traveling the world. I'm currently fascinated by how diet affects brain performance.


Edwina Clark

Course Development and Content Manager

I'm a health and wellness junkie, athlete and writer, hailing from the land Down Under! My American dream began 10 years ago with a track scholarship and I've been hooked on ever since. Prior to Change Collective, I led Core Performance initiatives across the US and Europe for Google, State Street Corporation and Cancer Treatment Centers of America (among others)! Out of the office, I'm a tried and true sun-seeker, in search of the ultimate running destination.


Maroun Najjar

Design & Marketing Intern

I'm a designer, fitness geek and student at Northeastern. In the past I've taught myself to powerlift, optimized my sleep and explored sensory deprivation tanks. I'm currently learning brazilian jiu jitsu. I believe that building great experiences begins with empathy. You can find me on twitter.


Robinson Greig

Operations Manager

I'm a multimedia creative, mechanical engineer, and an outdoor enthusiast. I've become completely inspired by the intersection of tech, business, and design. Lately, you can find me running by the Charles River, exploring Cambridge, or working on a few projects.