To Develop People's Ability And Confidence To Change

We build lifestyle courses led by world-class experts, designed to help you kickstart change. Each course provides guidance and accountability through:

World-Class Experts

At the heart of each course is the voice of a true expert - someone who lives and breathes the change, and who has helped countless others make it happen.

Change Science

The importance of change science has been a part of our DNA since we began the company, and it’s only gotten stronger since. We infuse our entire company and every course on our platform with a healthy dose of change science to help you succeed.

Mobile Technology


The advance of mobile and wearable technology is changing the way we interact with the world. Leveraged properly, it can help us be more aware, make smarter decisions, and live more fulfilling lives. We are pioneers in this space, giving you the right context at the right time to make change an easy choice.


Driven By Ideals That Cultivate Change

Learning & Growth

We wholeheartedly believe in everyone’s ability to learn & grow. We have seen the profound impact it has on our quality of life and, because of its contagiousness, on the lives of the people around us.

Example: Personal Development Budget. Every employee gets $3,000 to invest in themselves; you can use this budget for workshops, Crossfit memberships, museum passes… and more.

Directness With Kindness & Respect

We reject the notion that being direct lies in conflict with kindness & respect - in fact, they support each other. We strive to consistently embody directness with kindness & respect in the way we communicate.

Example: Monthly Company Retrospective. We meet every month to celebrate our wins, understand our failures, and surface topics that may get lost in the day-to-day business of startup life. Pairing direct and kind, respectful communication is what makes this work.

Freedom & Accountability

We believe that accountability not only keeps us aligned and productive, it also enables tremendous freedom… and it’s that freedom that allows us to be our most creative and productive selves.

Example: Unlimited Vacation Policy. We don’t keep track of vacation days; when you need some time away, we want you to just take it! (Eventually we’d love to have a paid paid vacation policy.)

Read the full story behind our core values and how we live up to them.



Ben Rubin | Co-Founder & CEO
I’m an entrepreneur and a change junkie. My change path has taken me through diverse topics: Vipassana meditation, Paleo, Crossfit, GTD, and many more. I previously co-founded Zeo - a pioneer in quantified self that helped people sleep. When kicking back you’ll find me skiing or hiking with my Berner, Lyra.

Derek Haswell | Co-Founder & VP Product
I’m an optimist with a deep love of learning and a passion for experiences that make you think. Not surprisingly, I am pretty excited about the future of education, behavior and technology. I’m joined on this crazy adventure by my wife, Tess, and a big blue dog.


Joel Oliviera | Lead Developer
I am a developer, formerly of thoughtbot, the 47th and several other Boston agencies. I'm happy and fortunate that my hobby is my profession and my profession is my hobby. I love writing software! Lately, when not buried in vim coding, I'm relaxing with my wife Sara and our two english bulldogs or tweeting too much.

Jim Forrest | Creative Director
I'm a designer, musician, artist, and educator. I've spent the last 20 years designing conscious products that help us learn and transform whilst releasing albums, creating art, and traveling the world. I'm currently fascinated by how diet affects brain performance.


Edwina Clark | Course Development Manager
I'm a health and wellness junkie, hailing from the land Down Under! My American dream began 10 years ago with a track scholarship and I've been hooked ever since. Prior to Change Collective, I led corporate wellness initiatives for companies including Google and State Street. Out of the office, I'm a tried-and-true sun-seeker, in search of the ultimate running destination.

Robinson Greig | Product Manager
I'm an experimenter, through and through.  I have become enthralled by the creative intersection of people, tech, and design - and am often working on some project that explores this area.  Other than that, you'll find me running by the Charles River with my pup, Charlie.


Brent Raines | Developer
I’m a builder and a shaker. I create software and other things that are sometimes awesome. I have a propensity for learning and sharing knowledge with others. My wife, Nicole, and my dog, Maddie, are the joys of my life. You can usually find us doing something active outdoors, cooking, or occasionally even playing some Catan.

Annie Carlson | Developer
I'm a software developer, tabletop/board game geek, and edtech enthusiast. My interests are eclectic and rapidly expanding; from playwriting to cooking to fantasy cartography, I’m constantly finding new things I want to try and learn and do! I’m passionate about enacting positive change in my own life and creating tools to help people grow.

Sarah Goliger | Head of User Acquisition
I'm a marketer and spend my days tweeting, blogging, and optimizing everything in sight. I'm a total psychology nerd, love a good data-driven experiment, and always try to soak up wisdom from those around me. When I'm not at the office, you'll usually find me dancing, running, hiking, or huddled around a campfire.

Maroun Najjar | Design Intern
I'm a designer, fitness geek and student at Northeastern. In the past I've taught myself to powerlift, optimized my sleep and explored sensory deprivation tanks. I'm currently learning brazilian jiu jitsu. I believe that building great experiences begins with empathy. You can find me on twitter.

Sam Dooman | Developer Intern
I’m passionate about developing technology that helps people teach themselves.  Right now I’m learning to play piano, (slowly) how to be a Vim wizard, and the basics of Machine Learning.  You can find me here.

charlie and remy.jpg
charlie in bike bag.jpg

Charlie, Maddie, Lyra, Remy | Office Dogs

These hounds roam the hardwood floors of Change HQ, persistence hunting for our love & affection and extorting a good belly laugh from time to time.

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