Expert-led lifestyle courses
with a live coach.

Two to four week courses to help you be healthier, happier, and more productive.

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"The personal coaching has really made a difference - being accountable to someone has been helping a lot."

- Ben

"Knowing I was going to receive the pre-scheduled workouts at the time I chose really motivated me to get up and do it."

- Patricia

Featured Courses

Becoming An Early Riser
with JB Glossinger

3 Weeks | $29.99

Get a head start on your day by waking up earlier in the morning. There’s no better time to be focused and get things done!

3 Weeks | $29.99

Make fitness a regular part of your everyday life. Enjoy 5 days/week of easy-to-do but intense 15-minute bodyweight workouts.

Slim by Design
with Brian Wansink

4 Weeks | $29.99

Set yourself up to mindlessly eat better by changing your eating environment instead of relying on willpower.